The Story of Yasuke


Bondage. Battle. Favor. Freedom... Yasuke.


Born ‘Yasufe’ of pre colonial Mozambique, Yasuke was kidnapped and sold into slavery as a young boy. He would spend his entire adolescent life being sold from faction to faction, utilized as a proficient object of war. In 1579 after years of what seemed like endless hell on the battlefield, Yasuke was decreed as a bodyguard for Italian Jesuit missonary Alessandro Valignano in his far eastern Journey to Japan. In the few years following Yasukes arrival, word of the towering black skinned warrior would catch ear of the most powerful warlord in Japan, Oda Nobunaga.


It was 1581 when Yasuke was personally summoned to the capitol city, Kyoto to meet Lord Nobunaga. In all of the great hegemon's years he had surely never seen a man remotely like Yasuke. Nobunaga was immediately impressed by his towering strength, demeanor, and ability. Yasuke had exceeded the warlords expectations so greatly ,The Oda Clan leader ordained him as his “Black Warrior of the Oda Clan”. The Daikokuten; god of great darkness. Yasuke now wielded the sacred sword of the noble warring class. A man, stolen into slavery...taken across many lands was now among the most elite warriors the world has ever known.

a Samurai.


In the following year, Yasuke and Nobunaga experienced many great battles together and forged a powerful ligature. But while the Black Samurai and Oda Lord grew stronger in their bond, one of Nobunaga‘s own generals was planning an extraordinary betrayal. For unknown reasons Akechi Mitsuhide was determined to kill his lord, Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga never could have anticipated Akechi’s plan to secretly call upon thousands of soldiers to move in on him. In the summer of 1582, Nobunaga and Yasuke were ambushed in Kyoto. Akechi's army surrounded his fortress, Honno-ji, setting it ablaze. As Honno-ji burned, Nobunaga Yasuke and the few Oda men left standing fought their way to his personal quarters. They were closed in. It was over. Nobunaga would retain his honor in his final moments by committing seppuku. Oda Nobunaga was now dead and the House of Oda had fallen forever.


Nobunagas death was immediately followed by a massive strategic purge of any remaining Oda clan members. Miraculously, among the few to survive execution was Yasuke.


No official historical records reveal what happened to Yasuke after this point.


This is where our story begins....

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